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» A frigid homecoming [Goddard Family]
Vithis Goddard
 Posted: Apr 11 2012, 01:08 AM


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Vithis hadn't expected her to accept his offer, but nonetheless he was still concerned. True, Silvain saw her as insignificant, but that did not mean she would be safe. Silvain's lack of care for those he views as lesser people was almost as dangerous as being pursued as a threat. The only difference was that he would not notice or care if he harmed someone insignificant. But he knew that Linna would be okay, as long as she was smart.

He had noticed something in her - an honesty and passion for what was right. She seemed to have strong ideals, and she was set on doing her duty to the people. It was actually quite fortunate that Silvain overlooked her. She would be a very good politician, or anything else she wanted to pursue. And she would one day be quite the thorn in Silvain's side. The thought amused him, but also worried him. Vithis remembered his own ideals when he was younger, and how nobody had given them credence. He hoped Linna became more than just someone who knew the right thing to do.

"Very well. I did not expect you to pass on your duties. However, I will advise you to take caution. Even the 'insignificant' can be collateral to Silvain," he replied, before turning to look out the greenhouse. Across the estate, he saw an armoured military vehicle roll to a stop in the driveway. He assumed the rest were to join the convoy as soon as he was out of the estate. His trip had been a very short one. He did wish to stay - he had not spent more than a day here in several years, and quite missed it. But with Silvain and his cunning one-sided rivalry, he did not want to risk even staying in the city for much longer than he had to.

Vithis turned back to Linna, giving her a half-smile. He was unsure what was appropriate, so went to shake her hand as a gesture of farewell.
"Contact me when you're in Finstan. I won't say no to tea...or something stronger," was all he said, "Farewell."
He turned around, to see Alder almost at the greenhouse door. Alder stopped to the side of the door, rapped three times on the glass, and then stood stiffly to the side. Vithis rolled his eyes and moved to the door, pushing it open. Alder slid out of the way as the door swung outward towards him. It was a smooth movement, carefully executed. He slid right around the door and fell into step beside Vithis, who gave him an amused nod.

The two crossed to the vehicle. Alder opened the door - Vithis let him without comment or reprimand. He looked back at the greenhouse for a moment, then at the large Family Hall where his older brother was doing who-knew-what. For a fleeting moment, he thought he saw a familiar face in a second story window. His jaw hardened and his expression became fixed, before he turned and slid into the vehicle. Moving over to the far window, he waited for Alder to get in and close the door before he gave the driver the okay to start the engine.

The dark army vehicle roared gently to life, and took off down the drive. Leaving the gates of the estate behind, it was soon joined by the rest of the escort. The convoy sped away, towards Finstan.

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Silvain Goddard
 Posted: Apr 12 2012, 09:26 AM


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Silvain grinned as he watched Vithis leave the mansion. He knew he wouldn't leave straight away, and he was correct. Silvain wandered up the staircase once more, and gazed out into the gardens. His eye caught quickly onto the two figures, one taller and rugged, the other smaller and insignificant. He watched until they entered the greenhouse, then turned away, a cruel smirk playing on his lips. It was almost time to execute his next part of the plan.

He had already had Myr send the authorisation and send Vithis' cohort on a wild goose chase. He would now be able to watch how his brother dealt with the situation. He moved off into the library, which had a better view of the greenhouses than the corridor did. Standing by the window in the dimly lit room, the musty smell of books lingering in his nostrils, Silvain stared across the gardens, eyes locked on the faint shapes in the greenhouse.

He looked at Myr, who had silently stepped into the room moments before. She gave him a timid nod, and he returned the nod more confidently. Myr looked terrified, but she knew better than to oppose Silvain's wishes. She proceeded to enter a few things over the radio receiver she carried, and Silvain heard the fake message. It was very well done, and would fool almost anyone. He hoped it would fool his brother, but he knew better than to count on it. Silvain's eyes seemed to glow coldly as he heard the panic rising in his brother's voice. He loved to torment his lowlife brother, and now he was watching him about to snap...

Or not. He seems to have calmed down. I don't see him storming out yet. In fact, it's deathly still in there, he thought, torn between feelings. His brother had not snapped, had not fallen into this snare. It was disappointing, but at the same time Silvain felt a twisted pleasure. The game was still underway, and it was once again his turn. His brother had failed to act, so it was onto the deeper plans, the more subtle and careful plans. They would all fall into place soon enough.

Myr saw the look on his face and was worried. She did not want to have anything to do with Silvain's stupid rivalry. She was sure that Vithis was not a bad person. He seemed nice, and very determined about his family's success. And from her perspective, he did not share Silvain's rivalry - he only countered the deviant actions Silvain set in motion. She had hoped he would not retaliate, and he hadn't. She was almost giddy with relief. She loathed Silvain with all her being but it was her duty as companion to serve him. She knew it was not over, though, and this thought pushed the grim depressing feeling back into her. She did not look at Silvain directly, merely stared at the radio in her hands, the treacherous device still attached. She wanted to throw the thing, throw it at Silvain and run away. But she didn't - she couldn't.

Silvain gave Myr a slippery nod, knowing full well how much she hated what she had done.
"Well done. You are useful after all. And you sure do know how to cause chaos," he sneered, knowing how much it would rile her up and cause her emotions to be conflicted. Without another word, Silvain slipped past her.
"I hated it," Myr muttered quietly, instantly regretting opening her mouth. Silvain paused, turning his head slightly towards her. His face was cold, hard and she knew she was in trouble.

Silvain reached out his long, pale hands and grabbed Myr by the throat, just hard enough to stun her into silence. Myr struggled uselessly, but Silvain would not let go. His companion was not there to question his judgement, but to serve him.
"You hated it, did you? You hate working for me? You hate being my companion? Is that what you're saying? Because that is what I hear coming from your insolent mouth, you ingrate. Perhaps it would be better if I were to break you right here?" Silvain hissed venomously. His hand tightened slightly, so that Myr wavered out of focus for a moment. She was no longer uselessly struggling, instead hanging limply. With a jerk of his hand, Silvain threw Myr to the ground, where she stumbled along it, gasping and dizzy. She lost her footing and careened into the window, making it rattle slightly. It was a strong window, and she was rather small. It held her easily, and she did not move. The radio was long on the ground, dropped in the struggle.

Silvain stalked out of the room, emanating an aura of coldness and anger. Myr was glad he was gone, so he wouldn't see the tears on her face. All she could do was stare out the window at the gardens below. Several dark vehicles waited outside. Her face pressed hard against the window, staining it with her tears, she thought she saw Vithis turn and look at her through the window. She could not see his face properly, but she wondered what he thought of her.

Silvain entered the hall, listening to the sound of Vithis' ensemble leaving the city. He would be heading back to Finstan now. It would be a perfect opportunity to execute his plans within plans. His brother would not rival him now, not when there was a chance of a Divine election...
"Farewell, brother," he uttered quietly, his cold voice full of mockery.

[End of thread.]
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